Nursery available during 9:30am classes and 10:30am worship service

With A Team Of Volunteers Teaching, Supporting And Getting To Know These Young Adults, We Pray That Multi-Generational Relationships Are Built That Will Impact These Youth For A Lifetime



We call our Middle School group BASE CAMP - based upon the idea that during these in-between years we want to take the youth through a training process for the next stage of their lives. We want to get them acclimated, prepared, and geared up for the great big adventure of the Christian life! Together this group studies the Bible and digs for truth to apply to their lives. They pray together, worship together, and have lots and lots of loud and silly fun!

Middle Schoolers meet Sunday Mornings at 9:30 for class


GRADES 9 - 12

In our High School ministry, we walk alongside our youth by encouraging them to build relationships with each other, take steps of ownership over their faith, and challenge them to focus upward. Upward is the viewpoint from which inward and outward become clearer, it propels us onward. We want them to see what God is doing not only in their future but in the present. These students are beginning to take steps forward towards what's next in their lives, and we don't want to miss a moment of it! We want to walk it out together. We worship, pray, study the Word, and we eat a lot. Teenagers tend to do that. And we do it all together.

High Schoolers meet Sunday Mornings at 9:30 for class