Bible Reading Plan

The elders of New Heights Chapel are embarking upon a reading plan that will carry them through a Chronological Bible in one year. The text that many of us will be reading is the Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB). We invite you to join us in this plan.

We began the new reading plan on Monday, the 29th of December 2014 and will complete the readings on the 27th of December 2015, if the Lord does not return. This published schedule is taken from the HCSB. It notes the date, the texts and the pages in HCSB where the daily readings begins. The average reading is slightly less than 4 pages per day. Sunday’s readings are short summaries (approximately 1/2 page, including a prayer) of the preceding week’s reading. It is our plan that most of the messages on Sunday morning may be brought from the reading of the preceding week. Use this guide to follow along from the translation of your choice. We hope that in your reading you discover a new, deeper, richer love for the Word of God and for sharing this Word with others. May the Lord bless your reading.

Download Reading Plan

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