Purpose Statement

The following is a Statement of Purpose drafted in the fall of 2011 to help identify our goals and procedures. 

New Heights Chapel, through God’s gifting of individuals, will equip its members to proclaim the good news of God’s salvation to the lost andwill purpose to see their lives changed through Jesus Christ. Through example, leaders will seek to encourage the worship of God and inspire in all persons a love of Christ, a love for one another, a passion for righteousness, and a consciousness of their responsibility to God and their fellow man. We will make an unwavering commitment, whether at church or in the community, to love and accept all individuals no matter their condition or circumstance.  As Christ followers, we covenant with each other to fulfill our Christian calling by Learning as we study God’s word, Living as we struggle well with life together, Loving as we serve others, and Leading as we share our faith with others.  (Eph. 4)

How The Calling Of Christ Jesus Is To Be Carried Out At New Heights Chapel

In The Preaching Ministry
From the pulpit, spiritually gifted teachers, using various styles and methods, will proclaim the Gospel of Christ and invite the lost to come to know the Savior and to be baptized.  All believers, young and mature alike, will be encouraged to grow in knowledge, understanding, and in the likeness of Jesus our Savior.  Through the teaching of God’s Word, each individual believer will be equipped and encouraged to serve in the building up of the body of Christ and to reach the lost.  Each Sunday, the meaning and importance of the Lord’s Supper will be clearly conveyed to the body as they are led into confession, prayer, and worship.

In The Worship/ Music Ministry
The worship and adoration of our Savior and Lord will be central to congregational and individual singing.  Praise, worship, instrumental and instructional music, in addition to Scripture readings, will be selected by the music minister for appropriateness to the teachings for that Sunday and also for special celebratory occasions. The music minister and music team will participate in leading the congregation into authentic Spirit-led worship.

In Adult Christian Education (Sunday School)
At a time specified for adult education, teachers and appropriate facilitators will encourage believers to meet as a group in a more casual setting.  Attendees may learn from the teachings of Christ through a study of Scripture, Christian perspective on current issues, or teaching through the use of videos.  Participation through discussion will be strongly promoted and great emphasis will be placed on the application of Christ’s teachings to today’s culture and to the life of the believer.

In Youth Education
Under the direction of a youth minister, young people from 6th through 12th grade will study the teachings of Christ with a strong emphasis on preparation for high school, college, and secular influences.  Unchurched youth and young people who attend other churches will be welcomed to participate in youth activities at NHC.  Individual and small group mentoring by the youth minister and other youth workers will promote spiritual growth, maturity, and a call to service in the life of young people. Supervised activities designed to encourage social interaction and unity will be a part of youth education and development.

In Children’s Christian Education/Children’s Church (Sunday School)
Under the direction of a children’s ministry director, children from 4 years of age through 6th grade will meet in age appropriate classes and, at times, in combined groups to study the teachings of Christ.  A team of teachers will instruct from a curriculum designed to expose children to the Biblical world view, encourage scripture memorization, and equip the “little saints” to serve Christ and others.

In The Nursery
Under the direction of the nursery director, NHC will maintain a high-quality childcare program during the services of the church. It is the goal to minister to the needs of each child, allowing the parents to fully engage in the activities of the service they are attending.

In The Remembrance Service
At the earliest service on Sunday morning (or at another specified time), believers will gather to worship our Lord and Savior through singing, prayer, meditation, Scripture reading and the taking of the Lord’s Supper.  A theme for each Sunday will allow for focus on a certain aspect or character of God.  Men are encouraged to share their prepared or spontaneous thoughts as the Spirit leads.

In Life Groups
Everyone who attends New Heights Chapel regularly will be encouraged to join a life group.  A life group director will be the contact person to assist new members in finding and joining an appropriate group.  Life groups will meet in designated homes or at the church on various nights of the week.  Within the life groups, open sharing will be promoted as members are encouraged to pray for one another and carry each other’s burdens.  Each group, under the direction of a leader, may choose to do a study related to current Sunday morning teaching or choose a course of study that involves another type of examination of Scripture.

In Ministry
As believers, we have been called out by our Savior to serve Him by serving others.  We recognize and embrace the privilege and responsibility placed on each one of us to unselfishly serve one another, not only within the church walls, but in our community where the lost are seeking answers to life’s questions. Members of NHC are encouraged to be involved  with consistency in ministries, not only of NHC, but ministries outside the church that reach out to those in need in our community.

In Missions
In accordance with Christ’s great commission, New Heights Chapel will commit to pray for, encourage, and financially support missionaries both foreign and those here in the U.S.  Leadership will make the congregation aware of those we support, and their special needs, by inviting the missionaries to report on developments in their area of ministry by letter and in person.  Personal involvement in missions by NHC members is encouraged whether it is short term, intermediate, or a lifelong commitment.

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